App review: Weatherlah

Singapore Bike School’s business is all about being outdoors so K and I find ourselves checking weather forecasts very often these days. K recently discovered Weatherlah, an app by local app developer buUuk, and it’s quickly taken the place of the NEA website in helping us decide whether a class should go on or if it should be postponed due to rain.


Weatherlah has a very pleasing and practically idiot-proof user interface. The home screen gives you the outlook for today and the next three days. If you prefer text to icons, you can tap on each day to see the description of the outlook, e.g. Monday’s is “partly cloudy”.

Weatherlah crowdcast

I like the crowdcast feature, which lets you check in the weather wherever you are so you get real-time updates on the ground. In the screenshot, you can see that I reported that it was not raining in Marine Parade at the time. You can scroll down and see the reports from other people in other major areas.

If you’re a busybody like me and enjoy trivia like how full the drains in Orchard Road are, you’ll love the map feature because it tells you exactly that. It also lets you look at the nowcast and crowdcast for various parts of Singapore, as well the radar view. Zoom in for additional details like the current capacity of a major drain, or zoom out for an overview of what’s going on islandwide. Pretty nifty!

Weatherlah drain situation

Twitter feeds for both the National Environment Agency and Weatherlah are integrated into the app so you can get updates on the forecast that are supplemented by Weatherlah’s own updates. So far, most of the updates seem to be about drain capacity – I guess this is top of mind for everyone because of the risk of floods.

All in all, Weatherlah is an excellent weather app – the best we’ve seen for Singapore weather so far. Easy to use, nicely designed interface, feature-rich and best of all, it’s free! What’s not to like? Go download it for your iOS device today. Android version available too.


  1. Hi Jean,
    This is a really cool apps, thanks for your recommendation. I’ll get mine today. Weather is so unpredictable these days, it’s good to have some reference like this to plan the weekend.

    Btw, your new blog lay-out is very beautiful… well done!

    • Yes it’s a very useful app! Even when I don’t need to check the weather, I look at it just to see where else in Singapore is raining. And thanks for the compliment on the blog layout – I can’t take credit for it though; it’s a premium theme and not something I designed.

  2. Hi Jean, thanks for the detailed review of WeatherLah, it’s always great to get nice feedback.

    Keep dry ;)

    Jon (@buUuk)