Guinea pig hammock

Guinea pig hammock

We recently brought home two male Abyssinian guinea pig brothers – Budder Universe and Brotato. They’ve settled quite nicely into their new home, a large 1.2m long commercial cage. Perhaps someday we will upgrade them to a C&C cage, but for now we’ll settle for adding entertainments to their house. Such as a hammock, which I whipped up in 15 minutes using fleece and elastic bands.

If you’d like to make this, all you need is a square of fleece. I used 15″ x 15″ because those are the dimensions of my biggest quilt square ruler. It’s big enough for Budder and Brotato because they’re still little, but they will outgrow it in time, so you may want to upsize for adult pigs.

Fold the square in half diagonally, right sides together and sew down the sides, leaving an opening for turning.

Turn the fleece right side out, sew the opening closed, then sew thin elastic bands on each corner of the underside of the hammock. Go back and forth several times on each tie, for security.

Make sure that all loose threads are snipped off. Tie securely to your cage – do not leave any ties dangling within reach of the pigs to prevent chewing and accidental ingestion. Introduce your pigs to their new hammock.


They’re not too keen on lying IN the hammock, but are very happy hiding under it and playing peekaboo. That’s Brotato – Budder is hiding right behind him.

Korean dramas I’ve watched recently

My Korean drama-watching streak is still going strong, and I finished three dramas recently. I’ve come to realise that quite a few K dramas centre around people losing their memories, or people coming back from the dead. Probably a sign of the times.


Stairway to Heaven was interesting to me because I wanted to see if it’s true that Kim Tae Hee can’t act. I thought she did a passable job in this series. She was better than she was in Iris, but maybe she’s just better at playing a villain. This was the series that introduced me to Shin Hyun Joon and Kwon Sang Woo. Sorry, KSW folks, I can’t see what the fuss is all about. I was ambivalent about SHJ, and only formed a more distinct opinion after I watched him in Bridal Mask, which I will talk about shortly.

save the last dance for me

Then, I watched Save the Last Dance for Me. It took me the entire series to understand why it’s thus named. Anyway, this was only slightly entertaining. Lee Bo Young’s character annoyed me. Also, I thought all that scheming was quite unnecessary – the producers could have shaved a couple of episodes off the show if they had cut down those scenes where Ryu Soo Young’s character plots to take over his rival’s company.

Bridal-MaskFinally, Bridal Mask. I’ve never been a fangirl of anyone or anything, but I could totally be for Joo Won. Loved him in Good Doctor, loved him even more in Bridal Mask. Can’t say I liked everything about the show itself (I fast forwarded through most of the circus and Kishokai scenes) but Joo Won, Park Ki Woong and Shin Hyun Joon more than carried the whole thing. So awesome. I’m definitely going to make it a point to watch more Joo Won shows from now on.

I’m trying to watch My Love from the Star, but so far I’ve not been particularly impressed. We’ll see if I can make it through the whole series.


SunMoon Fruit Cups and Fruit Crisps

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We’re all big fruit-eaters at home – fruit is served at every meal, and it’s quite common to see little hands opening the fridge and reaching for berries and apples for a mid-day snack. No surprise then that SunMoon’s fruit cups and fruit crisps have been quite popular, whether for snacking at home, in school or in the car between work appointments. In fact, I was a bit worried that they would all be eaten up before I got the chance to try any, and to take photos for this post!


SunMoon fruit cups are made of pieces of real fruit, soaked in apple juice with no added sugar or preservatives. You can get seasonal mixed fruit, peaches and Mandarin oranges. I like that they have been awarded the Healthier Choice Symbol, and each cup has fewer than 70 calories. Each portion is just big enough to quell hunger pangs without being too cloying. They’re also quite affordable at just $1.90 for a pack of two 4oz cups. From now till 9 May, buy 2 and get 1 free at all NTUC and Sheng Shiong supermarkets.


I’m pretty partial to freeze-dried fruit, as I like the way they melt on the tongue. It’s difficult for me to stop at just one pack! SunMoon carries a range of freeze-dried fruit crisps – Fuji apple, exotic combo (strawberry & banana), tropical combo (pineapple & mango) and a super combo (strawberry, apple, banana and mango). Pretty nice, and convenient for kids to take to school for healthy snack day too. Each pack costs $1.60, or you can order a box of 12 at $16 online.


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Nutella pound cake

Nutella pound cake

Happy May! I made good use of an hour or so of the public holiday to bake a Nutella pound cake using a recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction. I simply love Nutella and frequently eat it by the spoonful, much to the detriment of my figure. A Nutella pound cake is many times more sinful than eating Nutella neat, though, as it has one whole block of unsalted butter, plenty of sugar, and four eggs. Pound cakes are usually quite dense, but this came out light and crumbly – a nice counterpoint to the creaminess of the Nutella. It would be lovely served warm, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

L’Entrecote at Suntec City Mall

Clockwise from LR: Accompanying green salad with walnuts, steak frites medium well done, caramel sea salt lava cake and ice cream, creme brulee

A friend and I had dinner at L’Entrecote yesterday evening. I’d been meaning to go there for quite a while now, as we walk past it quite often on our way to meals at my mother’s favourite Soup Restaurant.

L’Entrecote is known for its steak, so we each ordered a classic steak frites, medium well done. It came with a generous helping of green salad with walnuts and mustard dressing. We didn’t expect the salad to be served separately in such a large portion, but the greens were a welcome prelude to the meat and carbs that would follow. We also shared a dish of escargot, which I didn’t bother to take a photo of.

The mains arrived just as we were finishing our salad. The huge mound of fries that accompanied the steak was quite daunting, especially since my friend and I are quite conscious of our carb intake. But we decided that it was a cheat meal, and ate everything on our plates. L’Entrecote actually offers you unlimited servings of fries, but I think most people would be more than satisfied with one helping.

I’m not much of a steak person, but I thought the sauce was quite delicious. The meat, though done to perfection, wasn’t particularly flavourful in my opinion. I’ve definitely had better elsewhere.

My friend and I must always have dessert after our dinners together. She wanted to try the lava cake, while I as usual could not say no to a creme brulee, so we ordered both. The lava cake was lovely at first – warm molten caramel oozed out from the cake when we cut it, but after a while it was too much of a sensory overload. Maybe it was because we were eating both desserts at the same time, and both were pretty rich in texture and taste. At any rate, if we weren’t full before the dessert, we definitely were by the time we finished! I’d go back again to try the other offerings on their menu for sure.

3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City Mall, #B1-128/129
Singapore 038983
Open daily 11.30AM to 9.30PM
Reservations: 6690 7569

EatPlayLove Cafe

The whole family visited EatPlayLove Cafe recently and spent an enjoyable two hours having dinner and playing with polyshrink. We bought just two sheets of polyshrink (they sell for $5 a sheet) and made well over 20 little shrinky dinks. Good fun!

The interior of EatPlayLove Cafe. Crafting materials everywhere!
Colourful walls to inspire creativity.
Sock monkeys! Alison bought the kit to make one in brown.

I think EatPLayLove Cafe has a magic formula – provide a safe place for kids to do all kinds of crafts, and decent food at very affordable prices, in a warm and welcoming environment. This was my second visit – we only tried the banana chocolate waffle and the lychee grass jelly then – so this was my first time trying the mains.

I had the green curry with chicken. It came with a fried egg and a bowlful of rice and tasted much like any other green curry. The bowl seemed small at first but I was full when I finished.
K’s chicken chop with pasta, with added prawns for $5.
Grass jelly with lychee and nata de coco.
Mango pudding.
I think this was coconut delight.

The shrinky dink-making continued throughout dinner, with all of us making multiple trips to the oven to shrink our drawings.

My Little Ponies, about to be baked.
Guess who!

If I recall, our bill for seven mains and five desserts (and two sheets of polyshrink) came to just under $100. Not bad for fun for the whole family.

EatPlayLove Cafe
28 Aliwal Street #01-07 Singapore 199918
Tel: 6444 6400
Reservations highly recommended

Anniversary dinner at Brotzeit

K and I celebrated our 14th anniversary last week at Brotzeit. We’d originally hoped to have dinner at Werner’s Oven in Joo Chiat, then watch The Lunchbox at a nearby cinema, but as K could only get tickets for the movie at VivoCity, we decided to walk around there until we could decide what we’d like to have for dinner. After strolling up and down the restaurant row on the first floor of the mall, we decided on Brotzeit as K was in the mood for meat.

We ordered a regular-sized seafood salad to share. It was lovely, with super-fresh and succulent prawns, smoked salmon and tuna slices.
The onion soup was good – not too salty, and I loved the cheese dumpling.
We had a platter of pork sausages too.

Although K and I shared all the food plus a glass of alcohol-free German beer (yes we’re wusses) we were very stuffed after polishing off everything. We’d entertained thoughts of having dessert at Fruit Paradise at first, but weren’t able to manage it. I really liked the salad, and will definitely order it next time I’m at Brotzeit, as an alternative to all that red meat.

Brotzeit is at VivoCity, Raffles City, Orchard 313 and at 126 East Coast Road (opposite 112 Katong).

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